Showcase FAQ

The KSVB Showcase is a great recruiting tool for both athletes and college coaches.  The following are some frequently asked questions about the Showcase.

How will the college coaches be able to identify me?

Each team is assigned a specific colored KSVB t-shirt and each participant will have a number on the back of the t-shirt.  The college coaches will then be able to locate you on the roster, as well as obtain your information in the detailed recruiting guide.

How much playing time will players get?

There are no more than 10 girls on a team.  Each team will play three, timed sessions (approximately 50 minutes each).  Coaches are responsible for substituting all 10 girls into each match.  In most cases, each player will play in both her primary and secondary positions.

Who are the coaches?

We ask area college coaches and/or their assistants to volunteer to coach.  In most instances, each coach is a head or assistant coach from a college in Kansas or the surrounding area.

How are the teams decided on?

Players are sorted by primary positions played.  Each team will have at least 2 setters (or a setter and a right side), 2 middles, 2 outsides and a defensive specialist.  No more than 3 girls from the same high school can be on the same team at the Showcase.  Pre-arranged teams are not allowed.

My daughter is a freshman, can she play?

No, only students who are entering their sophomore, junior or senior year of high school are eligible to participate. But she can register next year!

Where can I sign up?

Apply online Sign Up Here!

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